Long-term Loan

A long-term loan is granted with or without earmarking. Without purpose limitation, terms of up to 120 months are possible. Only with earmarked forms of credit can the financing time even go well beyond this timeframe.

Long-term loan – earmarking

Long-term loan - earmarking

For long-term loans, many are the first to take out real estate loans. The home loan is extremely high. The rates can only be kept at an affordable level by having extremely long durations. Up to 30 years, many homeowners pay off at their home. With such a long repayment period, the fixed interest period is decisive in addition to the amount of the agreed interest.

In a period of low interest rates, the interest rate should be written down as far as possible for 10 years. In periods of high interest rates, poker can pay off with shorter tie times. The goal in poker with fixed interest rates is to always get a favorable fixed interest.

The dedicated long-term loan is also in high demand for education and training. During the study, the credit covers the entire study and living expenses. So very quickly high sums of credit pile up. Again, it is the long maturities of the loans that allow for later payment. In addition, long-term student loans offer need-based payment breaks. It usually only has to be started long after completion of the training with the repayment.

Installment loan with long term without earmarking

Installment loan with long term without earmarking

The usual installment loan offers without earmarking can vary very differently in their maximum terms. Depending on the provider, installment loans with maturities between 60 months and 120 months are offered. Usable are the loan offers for any purpose. The loans for long-term car purchases and long-term debt rescheduling or restructuring loans are particularly popular.

Average non-credit-based bids are within the framework of an effective fixed interest rate of around five to six percent. To name a provider, for example, the German Soulcredit bank AG (DKB) offers a fixed rate loan. The loan has a maximum maturity of 84 months. The annual percentage rate as a fixed rate is 5.55 percent. Up to 50,000 euros is the maximum loan amount of this offer.

Not only people with a good or at least normal credit rating are looking for the loan with long maturities. Especially people who are looking for reorganization loans, often already have a credit rating problem. The personal loan offers you a fair credit balance and long terms.

Personal loan with a term of 120 months

Personal loan with a term of 120 months

The loan from private lenders offers modern loan solutions for people with a slightly lower credit rating. Especially with a somewhat “thinner” capital ceiling, small installments due to long maturities are an important prerequisite for loans. Only in this way can the repayment ability be ensured.

Long-term loan is available from private lenders with terms of up to 10 years.

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